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Spring 2013 Campaign (list headline and provide link)

Jan. 30: Tiffany Schweickart - Troops To Get Slim Jims Bearing Messages From Home : Read more:

Jan 30: Rob Oldenbanning - Heineken's collaboration with the James Bond franchise | New campaign. Official press release:

Jan 30: Fany Georgieva - Capri Sun Launches Major Social Campaign: Read more:

Jan 30: Eric Wilson Marvel Adding AR App and Digital Content   Marvel's New Beginning: Marvel NOW!

Feb. 6: Stephanie (approved by KB)

Feb 6: Sukrit Chaijiraphant [http://]

Feb. 6: Abigail Haase: Pin It to Give it: Beauty Brand Tries Pinterest Philanthropy - (approved by KB)

Feb 6: Kourtney Stark: Tweets Drive Lincoln Super Bowl Creative -

Feb. 13: Christina Cameron - The Monopoly Game Piece Contest: Hasbro's Social Effort for Monopoly Tokens/ Popcorn Brand Piggybacks on Monopoly Contest (approved by KB)

Feb. 13: Leah Champion - Hunger Games social media campaign (approved by KB)

Feb. 13: Kevin Yurasek - How Coke Spread Happiness (and Coke) via Mobile (approved by KB)

Feb. 13: Bo Breuklander - Nike Basketball lending a hand to Kobe's new love of Twitter:  (approved by KB)

Feb. 13: Nick Fancera - Rayovac using social media to recharge an established brand: (approved by KB)

Feb. 20: Bobby Winsler Bud Light and the Super Bowl (approved by KB)

Feb. 20: Mamdoh (approved by KB)

Feb. 20: Lauren Webber - "Arby's Launches 'Fan of the Week' Program" : (approved by KB)

Feb. 20: Yuze Gao - dumb ways to die Campaign (approved by KB)

Feb 20: Kendall O'Brien AT&T It Can Wait Campaign (approved by KB)

Feb. 27: Theresa Woods: Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra - Korra Nation social media campaign (approved by KB)

Feb. 27: Andres Faza- Canned Foods Multi-Year Campaign: (approved by KB)

Feb. 27: Tracy Wisneski  Bing's Scroogled Campaign Scroogled Campaign The comment on my other choice instructed me to find a more recent campaign. This one is new and I don't see it on anyone else's list, so I'm hoping it's okay, because I want to get started this afternoon.  (please fix the link)

Feb. 27: Roly Gonzalez: Microsoft Ad is Nostalgic Trip Down '90's Memory Lane - (Roly, this seems like just a YouTube video which isn't much of a campaign strategy.) -- (Hi Dr. Burns - this is actually part of an online campaign to get people to try the new Internet Explorer, version 10, in the face of losing the number 1 browser spot to Google Chrome in mid 2012. I will email you with additional details.)

March 6: Zain Merchant: Prometheus Viral Marketing:

March 6: Mina Sinai-Project Runway

March 6: Season Groves: Hurricane Sandy's Social Media Clean-up efforts help New York, New Jersey Recover - (Season, this seems like a good example of how social media can be a communications tool, but there really isn't a company and strategy behind it.) Prof. Burns - got it - hows this one? -

Spring 2012 Campaigns (list headline and provide link)

Feb 1, 2012: Matt Abbey, The Muppets Movie (2011) Social Media Campaign

Feb 15, 2012: Katie Gavin - Domino's Social Media Campaign Offers Free Food to "Pizza Holdouts",

February 15, 2012: Steven Lynch - Diesel Cam,

February 22, 2012: Roland Massa - The Voice: How a TV Show Became a 24/7 Social Media Conversation

Ashleigh Gallant, Mad Men Netherlands article , Facebook .

February 29, 2012: Kristofer Stubbs - #ProgressIs - Audi R8 Campaign - Grand Prize

March 28, 2012: Eddie Burch - Wendy's uses @GirlBehindSix to introduce the "W" hamburger-

February 29, 2012 - Steven Lynch Tool

February 22, 2012: Christopher Kneifer - and

March 21, 2012: Daniel Beaulieu - [Kony 2012] Mashable Article on Kony

April 18, 2012: Chris Joy - Ford Mustang, Article in Forbes about Mustang,, New Mustang commercial

Spring 2011 Campaigns

Jan. 31, 2011: Case Study: 'Fresh Ideas' and a Slice of Social Media the Recipe For Sara Lee's Deli Meat Brand Campaign, PR News, January 17, 2011. Or download pdf here:

February 7, 2011: Jordan Raynor - Wheat Thins: The Crunch is Calling See also -

February 7, 2011, Lorie Briggs: Visit Dallas Super Bowl Campaign by Think Social Media

Feb. 21, 2011: Janel Norton - Mini Stolkholm Getaway

February 14th: Laura Frieden- Isaiah Mustafa: The Old Spice Guy;

See also-

Feb 14.- Kanye West-

Feb. 14: Emily Shine - Dominos

Feb. 21: Alan Abitbol - Toy Story 3:

Feb. 21: Adam Drum - Microsoft Bing -

March 28- Starbucks

March 21: Duane Hogg - Dentyne Safe Breath Alliance Campaign

March 21: David Hogg - H&R Block Gets Big Buzz Through Social Media

March 28: Tatiana Tugbaeva Reunite Barbie and Ken

April 4: Tara Layton - Ford -

April 4: Jessica Brightman - GAP - and

Spring 2012 Tools (provide tool name and link)

Feb 1, 2012: Matt Abbey salesforce: "The Social Enterprise" Feb 15, 2012: Eddie Burch MarketMeSuite

February 22, 2012: Kristofer Stubbs ManageFlitter > YouTube Video Tutorial > How the tool links to Google+

Ashleigh, Hootsuite, some additional reading if interested Hootsuite White Papers, Some POV: Social Technology , And last- some interesting data

February 29, 2012: Daniel Beaulieu:: Social Ooomph

March 21, 2012: Roland Massa -

March 21, 2012: Katie Gavin -

February 29, 2012: Christopher Kneifer - Socialbakers

March 28, 2012: Chris Joy -

Spring 2011 Tools

Jan. 31, 2011: addict-o-matic;

Jan. 31, 2011: Emily Shine -

Jan. 31, 2011: Jessica Brightman - QR Code

February 7, 2011: Jordan Raynor - Instagram

February 28, 2001: Laura Frieden

March 28, 2011: Janel Norton - Photosynth

February 2: Tatiana Tugbaeva -

Feb 14: Adam Drum -

March 21: Duane Hogg - Dooid

March 21: Natalie Odom -

March 28: Tara Layton - Monitter -

April 4: Alan Abitbol - SocialBlaze -

Last day of tool presentations -

Social Media Campaigns (provide name and link)

Group: David Hogg, Janel Norton, Duane Hogg, Tatiana Tugbaeva - The Borgen Project Tampa

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